Meet our Team

When you contact us for the first time, we will work with you to find the counsellor who is the best “fit” for your needs – we know how important it is to find just the right person. Feel welcome to have a look at our team, and we can chat further when you call.

  • Ruth Speziale
  • Keren Calvert 
  • Genevieve Cribb
  • Kim Morris 
  • Anna Felice  
  • Helen Fuller 
  • Anne Hong
  • Georgina Hulme 
  • Jennie Lakos
  • Nicola Lock 
  • Joanne Martens
  • Vanessa Ong
  • John Parmentier 
  • Neil Smith
  • Emma Surridge 
  • Larissa Allen
  • Alison Gracia 
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